Innovative Real Estate Financing: New Ways to Invest in PropertyReal EstateInnovative Real Estate Financing: New Ways to Invest in Property

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In today’s world, property investment is no longer the exclusive domain of the rich and famous. Thanks to innovative financing options that have emerged in recent years, anyone can become a real estate investor. According to Charles Kirkland, whether you’re looking for passive income or want to build wealth through rental properties, there are many exciting new ways to get involved in this lucrative field. From crowdfunding platforms like RealtyShares and Fundrise to invoice factoring programs like Funding Circle, here are some of the most popular ways people are now investing in real estate:


Crowdfunding is a great way to kickstart your real estate investing career. It’s also a great way to raise funds for your next project, whether it be an apartment building or small-scale renovation project.

  • Crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe offer investors the opportunity to support projects they want to see come to fruition with their money. In return, they receive perks such as exclusive access or products from the business owner(s). This can be useful if you’re looking for some extra capital but don’t want to give up equity in your property–or if you simply want more exposure online!
  • If done right, crowdfunding can help generate buzz around your company while attracting new customers who may not have heard about what you do otherwise.

Invoice Factoring

In invoice factoring, you sell your invoices to a third party. The third party pays you immediately for the full amount of those invoices and then collects payment from your customers on behalf of themselves and their client (you).

This type of financing is advantageous because it allows investors to access cash quickly without having to wait for their clients’ payments or spending time trying to find additional funding sources.

Real Estate Exchange Trading Systems (RETS)

RETS is a real estate exchange trading system. It’s similar to an ETF or mutual fund, but instead of buying shares in companies, you’re buying shares in properties. You can invest as little as $100 and you don’t have to worry about finding tenants or managing the property yourself–the RETS does all that for you!

Investing in real estate has never been easier than with this innovative new financing option.


Lease-to-own is a financing option in which the tenant pays for their lease on a monthly basis, but also makes a down payment at the beginning of the lease. At the end of that period, they can purchase the house with no money down and no closing costs.

This type of real estate investment allows you to make money from your rental property without having to worry about finding tenants or dealing with evictions. You’ll also receive all of your rent payments upfront and don’t have to worry about any maintenance costs associated with owning rental properties in general either!


In conclusion, real estate is a great investment opportunity. You can use it as an alternative to stocks or other investment vehicles in order to diversify your portfolio and increase its return potential. However, with interest rates low and many investors looking for returns on their money, it’s important that you find ways to maximize your return on investment when purchasing commercial properties or residential homes.

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