The Role of Technology in Real Estate: From Virtual Tours to AI

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Real estate has always been a competitive market. However, today’s buyers are more informed than ever before and have access to more information than ever before. For example, home buyers often research homes online before even setting foot on the property—and they expect agents to be able to provide them with more than just an address and contact information. Say’s Charles Kirkland, as technology continues to advance, real estate agents will need to update their marketing strategies accordingly or risk being left behind in this increasingly digital world.

Virtual tours are now a staple of residential real estate marketing

Virtual tours are now a staple of residential real estate marketing. They’re more engaging than photos, videos and brochures and can be used to show off features that can’t be seen in either of those mediums.

Virtual tours allow you to give your clients an immersive experience of the home they are interested in buying or leasing before they even set foot inside it!

Augmented reality is the next must-have technology for home buyers

Augmented reality (AR) is quickly becoming one of the hottest technologies in real estate. This innovative technology allows buyers to experience a property before they buy it, giving them an idea of what their new home will look like and how it will fit into their lives. In addition to being fun and engaging, this can help engage potential buyers in the buying process.

Augmented reality is already having an impact on other industries like gaming and entertainment but its use in real estate is still relatively new territory for many agents and brokers who may not be familiar with it yet!

AI tools are helping agents make smarter decisions

AI is also helping agents make better decisions. Agents are able to use AI tools to understand the market, their customers and their own data better. For example, an agent can use AI to predict what listings will sell for and what kind of offers they should make on those properties.

This helps them avoid mistakes like overpaying for a property or missing out on opportunities because they didn’t have enough information about it. It also gives agents confidence in their decisions because they know that the information behind them is accurate and reliable–which means less stress!

Technology is transforming the way we buy and sell homes.

Technology is transforming the way we buy and sell homes. From virtual tours to AI, technology is making it easier for people to find a home and sell their home faster than ever before.

We’re going to go over some of the most popular technologies being used in real estate today, as well as how they can benefit you when buying or selling a house.


As technology continues to advance, real estate agents will have more tools at their disposal than ever before. Virtual tours are just the beginning. Artificial intelligence can help agents find clients and negotiate deals, while drones can provide aerial photography and data collection services that were previously impossible or too expensive for most people.

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